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Stijn De Beuckelaer | Managing Director SAP Belgium & Luxembourg

10h00 – 10h30

How SAP is making Business AI real

Experience how SAP approaches (generative) AI and discover the business potential it holds. Through exciting use case examples, you will learn how it can elevate business processes efficiently.

Jana Richter | Vice President Artificial Intelligence Product Success | SAP

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10h30 – 11h15

Fueling Digital Transformation and Business Growth

A technical platform is key for digital transformation process for every customer. Learn why SAP BTP is a strategical component in SAP’s solution portfolio and how it enables innovation within every SAP landscape

Oliver Buyssens | Business Technology Advisor BTP | SAP

SAP Analytics Cloud boosts reporting on S/4HANA at Everlam

Recently Everlam took up the challenge to boost the reporting for their S/4HANA system using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Everlam was missing real time data visibility on their S/4 system. Most of their reporting was done with a lot of manual effort and input from different SAP tables and external sources. This led them to the decision implement SAC and start creating reports based on standard or custom CDS views in S/4 HANA. Flexso helped Everlam in this journey by inspiring them with the standard content already available in SAC and by building custom CDS views when necessary, among other things.

Marinke Van Laer | Expert in analytics and planning | Flexso
Els Vanhoof | Expert in analytics and planning | Flexso

Idelco Insulation Achieves Warehouse Efficiency with AGV integration leveraging SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Idelco aimed to streamline its warehouse operations, which included the integration of a third-party Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) system and the automated tracking of pallets throughout the warehouse using Radio Frequency (RF) technology. To meet these needs, they decided to leverage the EWM functionality provided by S/4HANA Cloud (RISE with SAP) in conjunction with BTP/Cloud Integration Suite. This choice enabled them to establish a fully automated, end-to-end process, starting from production and extending to the storage and staging phases, all without the need for human intervention. As a result, they achieved optimal utilization of their storage space.

Veerle Van Waes | S/4HANA & CX Delivery Leader | Expertum
Yvan Troch | IT Manager Idelco Insulation | Idelco

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Baltimore Aircoil’s Global SAP implementation project

More info soon

Jan Roels | Key Account Manager | TheValueChain
Pascal Cannaerts | Global manager Applications | Baltimore Aircoil

Migration from on-prem to the cloud. The Methodology at delaware

How does a company tackle the upcoming migration project of all their interfaces to the cloud without risking losing connectivity?
delaware has determined a way of working on migration large integration landscapes to limit the risks.

Robrecht Sinnaeve | Enterprise IT Architect |delaware BeLux
Bert Vandycke | SAP Integration consultant |delaware BeLux

Happy UX (Fiori) & authorization marriage, happy users!

User Experience in SAP S/4HANA (FIORI) is inseparable from and in line with the authorizations. What a user sees is one on one linked with the roles and authorizations of that user. So where companies in the past had sometimes a challenging time to define a future proof authorization concept, this becomes even more important when moving towards SAP S/4HANA. We start from the user perspective and dive into the possibilities to translate user expectations into an appropriate setup. And off course we highlight what is on the shelve available to get the UX journey started. The following topics will be tackled: Fiori UX for business users, SAP Best practices for Fiori implementation, our Expertum approach and What about Public Cloud?

Christophe Decamps | SAP Security and GRC Community Lead | Expertum
Nick Mahieu | Community Lead Supply Chain Management | Expertum

12h30 – 13h15

Keeping the Core clean and its benefits – the TCR case

From an early implementation of SAP S/4HANA private cloud edition to a mission to keep the core clean, TCR has been on top of the SAP ERP world for the last 4 years. In this session, we present how we’ve been able to keep TCR’s core clean and which benefits your company can have by adopting a similar approach.

Nathan Van Lombeek | Solution Lead – SAP Development |delaware

Serax unlocks future growth with SAP S/4HANA public cloud and the SAP Integration Suite 

In order to keep up with business growth and internationalization, Serax changed gear and chose SAP S/4HANA cloud to support its growing business of design products. By modernizing their ERP landscape, Serax also gained access to a whole set of new cloud solutions, among which the SAP Integration Suite. CPI and Event Mesh were set up to smoothly connect their new ERP system with non-sap systems such as a webshop, a 3PL-provider, and EDI-broker etc. Join this session and discover the story of an end-to-end S/4HANA public cloud implementation.

Björn Jirofle | S/4HANA public cloud solution architect | Flexso
Peter Geukens | Integration architect | Flexso

Global Cx Greenfield project

Lessons learned about the greenfield implementation and go live of SAP Sales Cloud with Native CPQ integration.

Steve Feringa | Portfolio Manager | Atlas Copco
Jan Roels | Key Account Manager | TheValueChain

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14h15 – 14h45

From sustainable AI to smart sensors

Steven Latré | VP R&D Machine Learning & AI | imec

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14h45 – 15h30

Wasting no time at Ivago with SAP BTP and API Management

The six recycling parcs of Ivago are being transformed for the circular economy enforced by the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). The SAP BTP is used on top of the existing SAP ERP system. Thanks to SAP API Management integration SAP ERP is connected with the external systems which manage the recycling parcs and underground containers visits. With the help of a custom UI5 application hosted on SAP BTP the Ivago helpdesk employees can easily follow-up the provision for citizens and companies in and around Ghent and Destelbergen.

Stijn Mertens | Community Lead SAP Development | Expertum
Gudrun Segaert | Project Manager | Ivago

Innovating in SAP SuccessFactors: the power of extension

Next to SAP’s continuous drive to improve their core SAP SuccessFactors solutions with their regular releases, there is also room for customer specific innovation. In this session, Bart Van Hove will demonstrate why extending the core functionalities of SAP SuccessFactors with your own innovative extensions can be a powerful asset in your HR strategy.

We will dive into the human-centric design approach and explore the different steps in this HR innovation process. Find out more about the customizable extensions that already exist and learn how you can start building on top of SAP SuccessFactors. Demonstrated with inspiring examples and use cases!

Bart Van Hove | HR Innovation Lead | Flexso

SAP strategy and how to innovate with SAP ERP Cloud

SAP will provide the latests insights intp SAP’s Cloud Strategy. The principle of a clean core will be explained and how this will unlock value for organisations. SAP has created a free service, the SAP Evolution Kit, to help customers going forward in the digital transformation journey. Especially now the end of mainstream maintenance is due in the coming years. Join this session to learn more about the details. Agenda • SAP Strategy: Cloud • Clean core is key to unlock customer value • With clean core, companies unlock this ERP value potential • End of Mainstream Maintenance timelines • How SAP helps by SAP Evolution Kit service • Take away: registration SAP Evolution Kit page

Jurgen Pirotte | S/4HANA CoE | SAP

15h30 – 16h15

The Belgian Chocolate Group simplifies logistics with SAP S/4HANA ePP/DS

Increase agility in your supply chain, avoid unnecessary costs and resolve bottlenecks in real-time – get to know PP/DS.

Searching for more transparency, overview and a more efficient approach within their logistics processes, The Belgian Chocolate Group wanted a new intuitive SAP Scheduling tool.

With Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) embedded in their SAP S/4HANA system, BCG found the reliable basic scheduling setup to plan, prioritize and execute their in-house produced goods.

With their new solution up and running in no time and the implementation of alert-based working and pegging they are now pushing their production processes to new heights.

Michiel de Fré | SAP Digital Supply Chain expert | Flexso

Clean Core, Smooth Sailing: Preparing Your SAP System for Automation and the Cloud with BTP

Managing complexity in your SAP ecosystem is critical as you move to automate processes and transition to the cloud. In this session, we’ll explain how the SAP Business Technology Platform facilitates these initiatives and explore strategies for maintaining a clean core in your SAP system. As a global leader in AP Automation, we’ll illustrate how our intelligent invoice solution on the BTP revolutionizes the way you handle your AP processes.

Hans Willems | General Manager xSuite Benelux

Solving Data Challenges with delaware’s FAST BI

Join us on a journey to navigate the complexities of modern data management. In a world where data is ubiquitous and CEOs crave insights, discover how Delaware’s FAST BI Solution empowers CIOs to turn data challenges into opportunities. Learn about our SAP-integrated platform, prepackaged models, and dashboards, as well as our commitment to best practices, scalability, and customization. Explore the roadmap to economic sustainability and agility in the age of ERP evolution and rapid technological change. Experience the transformation from data chaos to actionable insights.

Arthur Vande Weghe | Data & AI consultant, Innovation Lead | delaware

16h15 – 17h00

Imec’s journey to the next-Gen ERP: A Testimony on Transitioning from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA

More info soon

Roeland Muyldermans | Head of SAP | IMEC
Philippe Devooghdt | Project Manager and Solution Architect | TheValueChain

E2E security: Best practices in setting up security spanning cloud and on-premise systems

More and more SAP customers are creating cloud extensions & integrations in hybrid cloud landscapes while trying to keep the core of their ERP system clean. How to deal with E2E security in such hybrid SAP landscapes, in a fully digital era where security is more important and challenging than ever? SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to the rescue! In this session, you’ll discover the value of SAP BTP Identity Authentication & Provisioning Services and SAP Cloud Connector to realize E2E security for your SAP processes spanning cloud and on-premise systems.

Steven Van Geel | Security and Infrastructure Architect | Flexso

Transforming Your Business Processes Fast & with Confidence with SAP Signavio

Discover how to take your SAP ERP transformation journey to a new level! SAP Signavio solutions can help you eliminate uncertainties and find relevant answers in a speedy, data-driven way, so you can focus on true value realization throughout your transformation.

Lafras Moolman | Finance Process Improvement Lead | CRH Europe Materials
Niko Vanderputten | SAP | Signavio BeLux


Plenary room

17h00 – 19h00

Entertainment Act / Networking Drinks & Bites / Bike Looting with 2 other prizes

Philippe Despierre

As IT director and architect of Plopsa’s digital roadmap, Philippe is building a next-generation IT landscape at the Belgian organization, Plopsa, together with his team.

Driven by enormous passion, entrepreneurship, and years of experience within the SAP solution suite – Philippe has a clear vision: to build a sustainable Intelligent Enterprise and make Plopsa a digital pioneer within the entertainment industry.

Marjolein Callant

Over the past 14 years, I have focused on customer-centric processes with a strong integration in cloud solutions and an SAP backbone.

Next to an internal role at Flexso to drive knowledge sharing, close collaboration and innovation within our S/4HANA and SAP cloud solution project teams, I support customers in building and maintaining future-proof IT landscapes with a clear understanding of their business processes and backed by the innovative SAP technology.

Michiel de Fré

Initially working in the food industry as a supply chain planner on the business side, Michiel made the switch to Flexso in 2017. Since making the transition to a consultancy role, he has built up an extensive expertise within the SAP Supply chain planning solution suite. From APO and IBP to PPDS and PP, as a lead consultant within the supply chain focus group at Flexso, Michiel has helped multiple organizations in making their supply chain processes a real differentiator and becoming more resilient for the years to come. Acting as the lead consultant for the PP/DS project at the Belgian Chocolate Group, Michiel is happy to share his expertise and best practices with SAP user community.

Christophe Decamps

Christophe Decamps is Partner & SAP Security and GRC Advisor. After +23 years of consulting combined with developing and leading the GRC Community team at Expertum, he is now focussing on strategic Security and GRC solutions and projects as an Advisor/Architect.

Nick Mahieu

Nick Mahieu is an SAP architect with a solid experience in SAP S/4HANA projects and an expert in Supply Chain and Operations processes. During his projects Nick loves working in close collaboration with the business to implement solutions with a fit to standard mindset.

Robrecht Sinnaeve

Robrecht, a seasoned professional at delaware since 2016, initially specialized in SAP Integration before transitioning to Project Management. His pivotal role in the Enterprise Architecture team since 2020 has empowered clients in devising enduring IT strategies. As a full-time Enterprise IT Architect from 2022, Robrecht has been instrumental in realizing long-term plans for numerous companies, driving sustainable growth through innovative IT solutions.

Nathan Van Lombeek

Active in the SAP world for the past 7 years, Nathan currently leads the SAP development practice at delaware Belux.

Stijn Mertens

Stijn is working 20 years in SAP of which 15 years of consulting. Deliver the best possible customer-oriented solutions is his focus combined with leading the development team of Expertum as Community Lead.

Gudrun Segaert

Gudrun has +15 years of experience in the recycling/waste industry. As Project Manager at Ivago she combines her process knowledge, business practice, change management and ERP-experience for the SAP implementation.

Steven Van Geel

Steven is an integration and security expert with more than 15 years of experience: upgrades, EHPs, migrations, support packages for SAP ECC, S4, AS java, portal and on top of this 10 years’ deep knowledge in SAML SSO with SAP. His focus is now on security on SAP BTP and hybrid landscapes (cloud connector, principal propagation, SAC connectivity, SuccessFactors integration with SAP IAS/IPS). But most of all, he is a person who likes to solve problems.

Arthur Vande Weghe

Steven Latré

Prof. Steven Latré, is VP R&D Machine Learning and AI and is leading the artificial intelligence research at imec, the R&D hub for nano-electronics and digital technologies. He leads an interdisciplinary team which focuses on combining sensor and chip technology with AI to provide end-to-end solutions in sectors such as health, automotive and smart industries. He also leads imec’s activities that translate imec technology to large digital transformation projects with Flemish industry. Finally he’s responsible for imec’s embedded university groups in the field of AI and social science. Next to this, he is also a part-time professor at the University of Antwerp.

Bert Vandycke

Bert Vandycke is a vibrant individual who joined delaware in 2022. He quickly became known for his friendly nature and strong work ethic, bringing a positive energy to the SAP Integration team. Driven by a genuine passion for technology, Bert is set to leave a mark in the IT industry with his infectious enthusiasm and interpersonal skills.

Jana Richter

Jana Richter is the Head of Product Success at SAP SE for AI, thus focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in enterprise software. She is working in product management for different SAP products in the Technology & Innovation area since 2005. In addition, she’s an experienced speaker at technology events and keynotes.

Yvan Troch

Yvan Troch is a seasoned Information Technology professional with a track record of +25 years of international / corporate management experience. As of May 2022 he is the IT manager at Idelco Insulation, a member of Bremhove NV, and responsible for the IT landscape including the successful RISE with SAP S/4HANA Greenfield implementation.

Veerle Van Waes

Veerle is an experienced SAP ERP, S/4HANA and CX Project Manager with a proven track record in managing complex international projects, assisting numerous organisations in their SAP-enabled business transformations, and optimising their IT landscapes for efficiency and growth. Her expertise extends to overseeing critical system upgrades, managing carve-outs, executing data conversions, and orchestrating greenfield implementations of SAP S/4HANA.

Hans Willems

Hans Willems began his professional career as a tax auditor. After switching to IT in 1997 for an SAP implementation, he worked in various companies as an SAP consultant FI/CO and as a team leader for SAP competence centers. In 2012 Hans joined xSuite Benelux BV and became Managing Director in 2014. His experience lies in supporting companies in process improvements, especially in the APIA process.

Bart Van Hove

With his extensive HR background, Bart is keen to work with customers as a result-oriented HR professional, driving forward their digital transformation. In his role as competence lead at Flexso for People, he’s engaged in all the aspects of the Flexso productized extensions life cycle. Thanks to the numerous international project experiences over the last 25 years, Bart has gained a broad insight in the best practices within HR, how to apply them using SAP SuccessFactors, and how to enrich SAP SuccessFactors with custom extensions. Bart is always looking to deliver added value to customers, support the teams to achieve the intended results, and make the difference.

Marinke Van Laer

Marinke is an SAP Analytics Consultant with expertise in SAP Analytics Cloud, xP&A (Extended Planning and Analysis), CDS (Core Data Services) views & Datasphere and joined Flexso in early 2021. Marinke’s expertise bridges the gap between technical solutions and business needs, optimizing processes and driving business growth. Her passion lies in problem-solving, and she delivers transformative solutions through a combination of technical prowess and a deep understanding of business requirements.

Els Vanhoof

Els joined the Flexso team in 2016 to discover the world of SAP Analytics. Having an academic background, makes her a problem-solving expert who can take a critical look at business processes. In the past, she has specialized in BPC for both planning and consolidation models, and for both the classic and the embedded version. Today, she is working as an all round analytics expert, where her embedded analytics and SAP Analytics Cloud expertise, have proven its value.

Jan Roels

Meet Jan, Key Account Manager at TheValueChain, holding a Bachelor’s in IT, Master in Commercial Engineering and an MBA. Author of the book ‘Sales voor Iedereen’. Mentor in the Plato program of VOKA. With 35 years of experience in the IT-world, of which the last 32 years in commercial functions, and 13 years in SAP, he helps the TheValueChain customers turning solutions and services into reliable and value-generating platforms for their businesses.

Pascal Cannaerts

Pascal Cannaerts is Director of Global Applications at Baltimore Aircoil Company, solid background and experience in Finance, gradually transitioned to the implementation and support of applications, including ERP and CRM globally. Responsibilities include day to day support, enhancements and working with external parties like our hosting providers. Leading a global team composed of business analysts & developers across the globe.

Steve Feringa

Steve Feringa is Portfolio Manager for all customer center and customers facing applications for the Atlas Copco Power Technique Business Area globally. This mainly includes all Sales, Service & Marketing focused applications with a big focus on a best of suite approach surrounding the SAP CX stack.

Philippe Devooghdt

Project Manager and Solution Architect at TheValueChain, with more then 30 years of experience in ERP implementations in different Industries. Specialized in S/4Hana Implementations and Transformations and passionate about Innovation and Technology.

Roeland Muyldermans

The Head of SAP at IMEC, serves as the trusted ICT partner for IMEC’s corporate services. In this capacity, Roeland has spearheaded the transition of IMEC’s SAP system from the established ECC to the modern S4 era. He brings a forward-thinking approach to the table, focusing on the creation of a business-driven, long-term S4 roadmap to underpin IMEC’s digital future.

Niko Vanderputten

Niko spent several years in the Insurance industry helping companies achieve strategic partnerships, deliver digital platforms and leveraging data in multiple ways. Switching his career towards big data and eventually SAP, he now focuses on business process transformation and the tools that can help you make it a reality.

Oliver Buyssens

SAP Believer over all.

Having over 25 years of passion for SAP in different roles, ranging from developer over team lead to project manager.

  • Background in ABAP development
  • Background in SAP Plant Maintenance, Work Clearance Management and Customer Service
  • Expert in SAP Application Lifecycle Management
  • Former Focus Group Leader for ALM group
  • Business Technology Advisor for SAP BTP

Jurgen Pirotte

  • 19 years of implementation / advisory experience with several SAP modules functional / technical / architecture level
  • Strong focus on Business Process Modeling
  • Expert in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • International experience in worldwide implementations, migrations, carve-outs
  • Experience in managing large projects
  • Founder of SAP EH&S focus group at SAP VNSG

Stijn De Beuckelaer

Stijn De Beuckelaer is the Managing Director of SAP Belgium and Luxembourg and has been part of the BeLux management team for over 10 years. During his 23 year career at SAP he served in several leadership roles within the organization. Thanks to these experiences, he has built a profound knowledge of digital business transformation and the business value outcomes customers are looking for. Stijn is a firm believer in the accelerating role of cloud to rapidly enable technology innovation within businesses.

Lafras Moolman

I have more than 2 decades of experience as a CFO in various countries.  I have set up what is today the Holcim Shared Service Centre in Kosice, as well as the Danucem Shared Service Centre in Budapest.  For the last 3 years I have led the roll out of RPA and automation tools in CRH Europe and are now responsible for Finance Transformation across Europe.

Bjorn Jirofle  

Bjorn is an senior ERP solution architect at Flexso. He started his professional career as an SAP consultant at a multinational company, where he gained his first practical experience with an ERP system. He was involved at several modules (SD, MM, PM), however he focused his attention on the MM module. This starting knowledge has matured and made him into a procurement specialist. He joined Flexso in 2018 and his focus is on S/4H Cloud and S/4H Sourcing & Procurement.

Peter Geukens

Peter is a senior integration architect at Flexso. He has been working with SAP since October 2004, in multiple roles throughout his career: from blueprinting to system implementation, from requirement analysis to end-user support and from project to service delivery manager on a lot of different projects & customers. With a big interest on integration projects he has worked with both SAP PI/PO & SAP CPI to fulfill the integration needs of our customers. Not only by technically developing interfaces, but also by providing training & advice needed.