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Tricentis SAP testing solutions deliver 334% ROI

By Siegfried Huijgen - Tricentis

Tricentis SAP testing solutions deliver 334% ROI, according to new Forrester Consulting research

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SAP S/4HANA Advanced Variant Configuration

By Stijn Willems - TheValueChain

The new Advance Variant Configuration is available from SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1808/On-Premise 1809 releases...

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How RITA helps you manage your indirect taxation abroad

By Youssef Loutfi - TheValueChain

SAP has developed a solution called RITA (Registration for Indirect Taxation Abroad) to enable foreign ...

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How Migration Cockpit helps you keep your GL master data clean

By Quentin Destat - TheValueChain

Financial people don’t like migrations. Yet you cannot escape it. The impact on the general ledger is...

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Direct transfer – Mapping Tasks

By Didier Ruelens - TheValueChain

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog post. This blog will be dedicated to the Direct Transfer and mor...

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Self-service procurement: how far can you go in decentralizing your purchasing?

By Dries Sabbe - TheValueChain

SAP S/4HANA allows you to implement an end-to-end self-service procurement process for your business us...

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Labor Management: A powerful ally for your warehouse management

By Stijn Deckx - TheValueChain

Warehouse management is an exercise in organisation. You need to allocate products to a spot that is op...

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Professional Services in S/4HANA Cloud

By Jonas Claes - TheValueChain

Professional Services is an SAP industry solution module that is exclusively available in S/4HANA Cloud...

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Integration of carrier API calls in SAP eWM and TM

By Lieven De Clercq - TheValueChain

API has been a hot term in recent years and will definitely be one of the buzz words in 2022. In this b...

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SAP Field Service Management: multi-sector and versatile

By Pieter Bangels - TheValueChain

Some time ago, we posted a couple of blogs about SAP Asset Manager and its IS-U functionalities. Howeve...

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