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Information for SAP Customer Membership – operates as non-profit organisation, as do all SAP User Groups.  The core ownership for a User Group depends on volunteers to drive the operations and all events, agendas included. But, in order to ensure all events and offerings are world class and each attendee is in fact well looked after at an event, and information is regularly shared, globally all User Groups do invoice an annual membership fee.

The membership fee is structured to be in place from 1 January – 31 December.

Speaking of volunteers, recently was able to employ the first permanent staff member – Tracey Greig.  Having Comith as backbone and working with a permanent employee allows the User Group to grow and increase customer attendance and partner participation.

Many benefits are included in the annual SAP User Group Membership, differentiation made between Customer Members and Partner Members.

Learning Hub Licenses Discounts apply to both Customer Members and Partner Members, and the saving in buying licenses under a membership is discounted from: €840 instead of €2.760 per named user!

For ease of reference, please click here to download the PDF document outlining the fee structure for a Customer Membership – 2020.


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Information for SAP Partner Membership –

Ensuring caters to all SAP Partners, within the fees are costings, allowing SAP Partners whom have not taken a full Sponsorship Membership to participate with the aim that they will grow in time and possibly become a Level 1 Partner Member.

In saying this, the main focus is to work with all partners and to assist them in collaborating with as many new customers as possible, but nothing that any User Group under the SAP User Group Banner cannot be used as a “Sales Pitch Platform”, but allowing each User Group to showcase service offerings or products. And whenever possible to bring your “Customer Success Stories” to the forefront of the community and to assist them in presenting you as a partner.

Additional Opportunities should your organisation wish to have access to the Learning Hub Discounts available as well as Log-In User Details to the website, but NO attendance to any events is included in the options below:

  • SAP Freelancer: € 500
  • Member Partner -50 <50 employees, no Master Classes: € 1.000
  • Member Partner +50 ≥50 employees, no Master Classes: € 1.450

All that is required in a paid-up membership as listed below and for further ease of reference, you can download the PDF.


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