Presentation Procurement Webinar May 26 – Proximus’ journey with ARIBA

Presentation Procurement Webinar May 26 - Proximus' journey with ARIBA

Dear member,

Please find the presentation of the Procurement Webinar – the digital transformation journey of Proximus with ARIBA – of May 26th below.


Summary webinar:

In 2018, Proximus started to implement Ariba: the main focus of this business transformation journey was P2P (Procure to Pay).

One year later, in March 2019, they had a successful launch of Ariba: currently, they have 2500 users, 1800 suppliers receiving PO’s via the Ariba Network (AN) and 80k PO’s sent via AN.

Proximus is happy to share with you their Procurement IT landscape before and after the Ariba setup, and the lessons learned during the implementation phase.

They are now 1 year post go live. In order to solve some issues that popped up and in the framework of continuous improvement for Ariba, Peter Hannaert from Proximus shares with you the necessary actions they have taken. These actions will allow a better, more efficient and more satisfactory use of Ariba by their users (requesters, approvers) as well as by their suppliers (e-PO and e-invoicing).

Finally, he also gives you a short insight in their upcoming projects related to the Ariba implementation.