SAP Enterprise Adoption

SAP Enterprise Adoption

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SAP Enterprise Adoption (Eva Zauke)

Making Digital Transformation a Success by Focusing on Enterprise Adoption

Adoption is key to realizing business value and underpins the success of your SAP investment.
When it comes to digital transformation, it’s about more than just implementing new technologies. For companies to make the transformation to the intelligent enterprise a success, business outcome and value realization need to be at the center of a company’s digital journey. From a customer’s perspective, adoption is key to realizing business value. SAP Enterprise Adoption provides the key capabilities necessary to drive adoption and to empower customers to make the digital transformation a success. The focus areas of SAP Enterprise Adoption are:

SAP Globalization Services support intelligent enterprises go global and empower every customer to succeed locally and globally.
Companies need to be compliant with the local regulations in every country they operate and adapt to fast evolving legal regulations such as tax laws, financial reporting, and other rules established by governments and legal authorities. In times of internationalization, enterprises need to scale globally with harmonized business processes.

SAP Globalization Services enables customers to get value from their core business applications across geographies, adapting to local needs. We streamline core E2E business processes with embedded compliance for legal mandates and enable customers in 180+ countries with software localization. These country-specific versions address language variations and deep functional localization of the respective business functions, compliance, local tax and payment rules, statutory reporting, local human resources solutions, and more. Companies gain peace of mind by fulfilling legal mandates and regulatory compliance. SAP Globalization Services empowers every customer to succeed locally and globally.
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Quality is the foundation to success.
SAP strives to deliver high-quality customer experiences by taking a comprehensive view on quality along the software lifecycle. This includes high availability and performance, robust data security, ease of implementation and integration, and a compelling user experience. Quality and Security support secure software deliveries compliant with SAP’s quality framework. SAP’s product quality standards are derived from ISO 25010 software quality model.
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Skilled people make your company’s digital transformation a success.

Companies need to develop digital skills of their employees by onboarding their SAP users fast and empowering them to continuously learn in synch with new releases.
SAP provides enablement embedded in the application and in the flow of work of the SAP user. Customers and partners (Enablement as a service) can configure and extend SAP delivered enablement content and can create their own enablement material for any SAP and non-SAP application.
With embedded user enablement, companies drive software adoption and high SAP user productivity resulting in accelerated time to value.
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