SUGEN Executive Exchanges April 2021: Follow-up Communications Assets

RISE with SAP (Brian Duffy)

Change has always been part of business, but today’s environment is forcing us to deal with change – both good and bad – faster than ever before. New technologies are changing how we live and work, and COVID-19, climate change and geopolitical tensions are exposing how fragile our world is. Only companies that can adapt quickly will thrive. Our customers need to work more agile, more intelligently, and more efficiently than ever before. And doing so takes more than just a technical migration to the cloud.To respond to these challenging times, SAP has introduced RISE with SAP to the market, a clear and flexible pathway for every organization to move toward becoming an intelligent enterprise.

RISE with SAP is at the heart of our Cloud First strategy and allows you to accelerate your cloud journey with confidence, regardless of your company’s size, industry, cloud readiness or departure point. Specific to the RISE with SAP offering, customers will benefit from the simplicity of a business process redesign, technical migration service, an intelligent enterprise build including SAP Business Technology Platform, and hyperscaler capacity. We bundle these together on one SAP contract, thus reducing your vendor engagement relative to SLA, operations, and issue handling. Adjacent to this offering are the world class services such as business advisory, implementation services, and applications management services our partners offer separately.

Further, we rely on our ecosystem to provide solution extensions, add-ons and packages which can be contracted directly by the customer. SAP is a trusted partner of businesses across industries worldwide and the enterprise software leader. Working alongside our customers and partners, we lead every evolutionary stage of business, helping businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Today, more than ever, our commitment to you is steadfast. We are here to help you to truly transform your business at your speed and on your terms, through RISE with SAP.