Digital solution that optimises big’s end-to-end maintenance operations

Digital solution that optimises big's end-to-end maintenance operations

Beaulieu International Group already used the SAP Plant Maintenance module and needed a powerful yet simple mobile solution add-on to help with its maintenance planning and scheduling. It decided to implement Ready4 Advanced Scheduling with Movilzer to simplify and optimise maintenance and field services scheduling to transform its end-to-end maintenance processes with SOA People.


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Beaulieu International Group (BIG) is headquartered in Belgium and is global specialist producing raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.  It has three distinct business units, polymers, engineered products and flooring solutions. With 47 plants and sales offices and a presence in 17 countries, the Group employs almost 5,000 people including 150 R & D engineers and designers.



Maintenance processes had ben run in multiple ways across BIG’s global plants, creating a disparate landscape of IT software and maintenance apps. The systems were complicated with little integration making it difficult for end users to operate effectively in the field.



  • Allows planners to manage tasks in a controlled and automated way and have a complete oversight of the end-to-end process.
  • Workflows are automated so equipment, tools and human resources can be instantly tracked in real-time.
  • 360 degree visibility and oversight of maintenance operations.
  • Mobile App makes it easy for field technicians to capture work order data digitally wherever their location.


“The operations planners can manage and schedule which work orders need to be executed and in which order. They can plan the technicians and spare parts required, record consumption and usage of parts and all the technical information related to that work order. If an urgent request comes in, it can be allocated as a priority with less urgent work orders automatically re-assigned,” 

Wouter Neirynck, Application Manager, Beaulieu International Group