xSuite – #NoMoreOCR – End-to-end digital P2P processes

Optimizing document capture is one way to improve AP and P2P processes. But not the only one – and not even the most efficient.

In this webinar, we shed light on a paradigm shift that has to take place:
end-to-end digital processes – rather than digitization – are the way for simplifying, accelerating and automating your daily work.

° We will discuss strategies for P2P with you: e-invoicing, e-mail, or a vendor portal,
° which ways and formats for document exchange are suitable for your suppliers?
° Which prerequisites need to be met?
° How do you get your suppliers on board?
° How can you use a vendor portal to reduce the share of unstructured invoices that still require OCR – and thus maximize your touchless posting rate.

Attendance is free of charge!

Jan Schulze, Head of Product Management, xSuite Group,
Dina Haack, Head of Marketing, xSuite Group


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16:00 - 17:00

#NoMoreOCR – End-to-end digital P2P processes

By xSuite

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Jan Schulze

Head of Product Management, xSuite Group GmbH

Dina Haack

Head of Marketing, xSuite