Flexso Village: Inspiring network event to innovate and transform your business through SAP

Times and businesses are evolving at an immense speed across all industries. To help you stimulate innovation across all lines of business and embrace change as a business accelerator, we’ll guide you on a digital transformation adventure through your SAP landscape. Welcome to Flexso Village, the place where all domains of expertise come together.

Join us at the Flexso event of the year 🤩 on March 23 to uncover all relevant insights and best practices within your preferred domain of expertise. Steer your organisation into a new future-proof era, backed by the best SAP solutions have to offer. IT manager, business analyst or HR director? Everyone’s welcome at the Flexso Village.


Date: March 23, 12:00-22:30
Location: Event Lounge, Generaal Wahislaan 16/F, 1030 Brussels

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