Flexso – How to co-create your own enterprise-ready SAP extension

As bimodal IT enters the mainstream, we’re noticing that plenty of organisations have bright ideas about business-boosting extensions to deploy on top of their core IT systems. But, it’s easy to get bogged down by all the platforms, services and software available out there claiming to help you develop enterprise-grade applications. Fortunately, SAP Business Technology Platform offers a killer toolkit for business-focused innovation.

Stay ahead of the pack, and ditch the learning curve

SAP is all about “keeping the core clean” – and we absolutely share their vision on this. Keeping the core clean means maintaining its pure, standardised nature without introducing customised elements that could get in the way of future upgrades.

However, running a tight ship when it comes to your core doesn’t mean you can’t branch out with custom development. Far from it: your organisation needs these extensions in order to achieve its unique business objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.

With the SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP empowers development efficiency in a number of ways. First, it manages underlying tools and core services, including:

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