TECH Master Class 1st of March 2018

Register for the TECH Master Class and learn everything about how to spice up your Fiori apps with real-time analytics (Smart Business Service) & mobile (Mobile cards). Get your knowledge up-to-date while learning from other SAP users in one afternoon.

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13:30 - 13:40

Registration & introduction

13:40 - 14:25

SAP Fiori Roadmap - What can be expected in future releases of Fiori 2.0 and new functionalities on WEB IDE platform. How to setup Cloud Identity? and similar subjects will be explained.

14:25 - 15:10

The SAP Fiori revolution at Elia - In this session you will gain insight in the Fiori strategy and how they changed the perception of SAP with several Fiori apps in the short term. We will also step through some custom-built Fiori apps for managing expenses (HR app) and IT support (IT app).

By Julien Tuerlinckx - Flexso
15:10 - 15:25

Coffee break

15:25 - 16:10

SAP Web IDE: Create Your Own Feature to Speed Up SAP Fiori App Development - SAP Web IDE is the IDE for SAP Fiori and SAP HANA apps in the cloud and on premise. This session focuses on the SAP Web IDE features framework and the possibility of creating your own feature – using some tips and tricks. We show some developer-created features and highlight how they can help reduce development time.

By Wouter Lemaire – Flexso & SAP Mentor
16:10 - 16:55

SAP Fiori Headache app - Together with SAP NL, Delaware created a mobile Fiori app to give headache patients a faster diagnose and recognize patterns in order to respond to those patterns. It digitalizes the patient’s headache log book and also allows the patient to track the use and effectiveness of medication. Because there is often a great deal of time between physical consultations with the specialist, the app creates an Excel file with all the relevant data and graphics and e-mails it to the user. Once the patient has the e-mail, they can pass it on to their doctor, who can more quickly respond to the patient’s needs without requiring a visit. In terms of time spent, it benefits both the doctor and the patient, and it can also offer a solution if, for instance, medication isn’t working properly but the patient isn’t due to see the doctor for another four months. More info:

By Delaware
16:55 - 18:00

Meet and Greet + Networking drink