In the past 15 years, has been organizing USERdays & TECHdaysWe established several Focus Groups and offer Master Classes to share knowledge and learn from peers. We developed a website and send out a monthly newsletter to stay connected. All of these projects are made possible thanks to the enormous engagement of volunteers and partners.

Other SAP user groups in our surrounding countries (VNSG, USF, UKISIG, DSAG, SAPSA …) can organize workshops, webinars, more Master Classes and more activities thanks to member contributions they receive because of the implementation of paid membership.

To take a next step in our service towards you, we want to invest in a further professionalization. We will be able to hire our own independent professionals to continue to offer you:

1) Information to get more value out of your SAP investments

2) A more independent view on SAP solutions and offerings

3) Real learning from peers and experts

4) Influence on SAP’s product development

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Your benefits in detail

  • You are welcome to attend our Flagship Events.
    You get free access to the two Flagship Events that we organize every year. They are a unique combination of knowledge transfer and networking. Captivating days with high-profile case studies, inspiring testimonies of SAP users and revealing presentations by SAP itself. Please note: USERday is in March, TECHday in October.
  • Focus Groups will hand you all the latest information.
    Each Focus Group meets at least two times a year to analyse specific problems in depth and exchange or develop solutions. Can’t attend? No problem, the day after you will get the link in your mailbox to download the presentations and accompanying documentation. All materials from each Focus Group are permanently available on the website to all members of
  • You can attend Master Classes for your personal success.
    Get the most out of your membership and follow the Master Classes in your Focus Group or area of expertise. You keep your knowledge sharp and your skills at a high level. In this way, your experience will contribute directly to your personal success.
  • You get in touch with other users to help and be helped.
    During Master Classes, you meet members who enjoy sharing their knowledge, experiences and solutions. Do you have a question? A specific problem? Trust your user network. And offer your expertise in turn to others, if you wish. Start to share!
  • You are part of an international network to have more influence over SAP.
    Because is a member of SUGEN, you keep abreast of international developments at SAP. You are also in close contact with the French and Dutch User Groups (USF and VNSG). Together, we can exert more influence on the product development and portfolio strategy of SAP.
  • You receive newsletters to stay up to date.
    With the specialised newsletters, you can easily follow everything that’s relevant to you within your specified areas of expertise. Inspiring cases, new products, intelligent solutions to familiar problems: you’ll learn about them all first.
  • You will be given dedicated info & tools to have the right solution for everything.
    You have unlimited access to all presentations, white papers, manuals, checklists, case studies and more. In an instant, you get the information that’s relevant to you, so you can put it to good use.
  • You get access to SAP Learning Hub for €800 instead of €2500 per named user.
    As a member, you can bring all the learning content and the knowledge of subject-matter experts from SAP to you or your employees at an exceptional price!


What does it cost?

The membership fee is €950* per year. For that price, all employees of your company have free access to our flagship events, Master Classes, the full content of our website and all other services.

If you consider buying an SAP Learning Hub license, the investment of €950 per year will be quickly recovered. Thanks to your membership, you’ll have access to SAP Learning Hub at the benefit rate of €800 instead of €2500 per named user.

*SAP-partner companies with more than 50 employees who do not sponsor have to pay a membership fee of €1 450.
*SAP-partner companies with less than 50 employees who do not sponsor SAPience .be have to pay a membership fee of €1 000.
*Freelancers pay a fee of €500.

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If you would like more information or if we can help you answer any questions, please contact us.