Unlock Automation Value with 360-Degree Process Intelligence

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SAPience.be invites you to attend a session, with WorkSoft where AK Kameswaran, will kick off a series of 4 sessions delving into Business Process Integration, with this second session talking about Unlocking Automation Value with 360-Degree Process Intelligence.

Discover How True Process Understanding Enables Continuous Process Improvement and Drives ROI 

Global enterprises are increasingly embracing automation to keep pace with change and support digital transformation. Yet many are struggling to realize the expected benefits of efficiency and cost savings. A lack of process understanding and actionable insights are diminishing the ROI of these automation efforts. 

In this webinar, we explore how Process Intelligence from Worksoft gives you unprecedented, 360-degree insight by bringing together process data from multiple sources into one cohesive dashboard enables informed decision-making and real results. 

Discover how Process Intelligence from Worksoft can empower your organization to: 

  • See real-time results and project potential benefits from automation and process optimization using the comprehensive Process Intelligence dashboard 
  • Combine multiple data sources into a single view, creating maximum flexibility to see what’s working and drive continuous process improvement 
  • Accelerate RPA strategies by building your RPA roadmap with clearly defined process targets 
  • Automate at scale with deep process understanding and at-a-glance recommendations for which activities to automate next based on cost and frequency 
  • Built test automation faster using comprehensive discovery data with an automation roadmap created by Process Intelligence 
  • Navigate digital transformation projects and upgrades like SAP S/4HANA with the clarity and understanding necessary to ensure functionality for mission-critical processes 

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14:00 - 15:00

Unlock Automation Value with 360-Degree Process Intelligence

By WorkSoft

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AK Kameswaran
Passionate IoT and More!

Anand Kameswaran, who usually goes by his initials AK, has almost 30 years experience in the IT industry.  He’s not that old, he just started programming at 9, and started working for Princeton University at 16.  He began his enterprise software career as a software engineer where he received a patent in virtual cloud networking.  AK rose to a leadership role in Pre-sales as a strategic advisor for CA Technologies (Now Broadcom) focused on cloud and CI/CD.  He finally found his true calling in Product Management.  He ran CA Technologies Service Virtualization product portfolio before starting his own IoT Development and Testing startup, and is now thrilled to join the team at Worksoft.  In his spare time, AK is an avid musician and motorcycle rider.   

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