Procurement – From supplier evaluation to supplier experience management

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Procurement – ARIBA Master Class

“We all live in the “Experience Economy” nowadays. For several years, the Sales Departments of high-performing companies like Under Armor, BMW, and Samsung have been using Qualtrics (the inventor of X-data, or Experience-data; a company created in 2002 and acquired by SAP in 2018) to grow much faster than their peers. They have been able to do this because they have been able to close the gap between operational data that reside in enterprise software (O-data) with experience data that reside in the brains of their consumers and express themselves in emotions, opinions, reviews, ideas… (X-data).

Since last November, Procurement organizations also have the possibility of using Qualtrics: SAP Ariba has launched Qualtrics XM for suppliers, which allows CPOs to capture experience data of their suppliers, in real-time, for the purposes of:

∙ strengthening the resilience of the supply chain

∙ improving supplier relationships

∙ reducing costs

∙ capturing more innovation

∙ ….

“This session will cover the concept of Experience Management, explain the difference with traditional approaches (e.g. NPS surveys), and provide 4 uses cases across the Source-2-Pay process.”


  • 15:00 – Welcome, Nancy De Smet – Elia (Master Class – Focus Lead)
  • 15:05 Session Thierry Loir. SAP
  • 15:45 Roundtable on Supplier Evaluation – All

Procurement ARIBA – Master Class – Experience Management for Suppliers – 29April

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Thierry Loir
Solution Executive, Network & Spend Management, SAP Belgium

On A Mission to enable Belux Companies to embrace the benefits of the Network Economy: Supplier Network, External Workforce Network, Travel Network, Collaborative Supply Chain.