Virtual UserDay 2020 – Day 1

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We are excited to announce a VIRTUAL UserDay Experience!

Please contribute and assist prospects and customers in making better informed decisions for SAP projects by sharing your knowledge. CONNECTing and Community are key criteria to the success of SAP and


Complete the online application to share your successes and lessons learned.

Let us revamp the manner in which you present, PowerPoint can be onerous and not keep the audience engaged.

Look at new innovative sessions that will engage and connect the audience, in submitting topics that can be covered in:

  • Roundtables discussions
  • Demonstrations
  • Customer – Q&A
  • Customer Why did you emark on the S/4Hana Journey?

View the AGENDA STRUCTURE – Based on Content Received


Key points to consider when submitting your Success / Customer / Content & Story:

  • What does the organisation do?
  • What were the project’s objectives?
  • What were the business and technical challenges?
  • What succeeded and what failed?
  • The complexities and challenges that were dealt with?
  • Benefits in having implemented and finished the journey?
  • What would your organisation do better if you could change anything?
  • What advice can you share to reduce risk for other customers about to start a similar project?


Should you have any further ideas you wish to share or wish to have further detail, please contact for in person assistance.


12:00 - 17:00

Virtual UserDay 2020 - Day 1