USERday 2019

Augmented Humanity is the new intelligence

Already in 1992, J.B. Quinn wrote in ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ that intellect is the core resource in producing and delivering services. Today, that knowledge is no longer concentrated only in people, but also in data. And where we used to outsource less core functions to enable our people to do more meaningful tasks, we now let these carry out by new technologies, such as AI or bots.

However, the degree to which the intelligent enterprise can be successful, still depends on the competencies of the people and its operational capabilities. The combination of human intelligence and competitive information of the environment is essential. Easy access to all data leads to better and faster decision-making, and in the end to better customer services.


How can we better use intelligence for core business processes?

A few examples make this clear. Take Sales: Based on numerous data from previous sales, the system can tell which prospect cases have a high conversion potential this quarter, and which steps need to be taken to succeed. In the HR department, artificial intelligence can help to recruit new profiles for your company that will probably add the most value in the long term. At Finance, the system can automatically handle thousands of invoices per day (think of an iTunes store), even if they differ from the initial purchase order. In short: intelligence enables companies to work faster, more efficiently and more agile.


Autonomous problem solving, intelligently seeking solutions and taking action

People need reliable, up-to-date data, that they can trust to make decisions upon. Intelligent enterprises are capable of detecting patterns, predicting outcomes and suggesting actions. It enables them to anticipate and proactively respond to customer needs, and to invent new business models or revenue streams.

That’s not a piece of cake, because the number of data sources – often applications – is constantly increasing. The number of data types is also growing: structured data, unstructured data, event-driven data, data from various sensors (Internet of Things!) and geographical data. A very complex puzzle.

It is very time-consuming to have that data structured and to have its accuracy checked by people. Fortunately, we can automate these processes, thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning and all sorts of bots. Moreover, automation frees up employee time and empowers them to do more meaningful work.


And it pays to adopt an intelligent organisational set-up! Some figures:

  • 48% of machine learning early adopters cite increased profitability as the top benefit.
  • 527% improvement in customer profit margin year-over-year for companies with a best-in-class customer experience.
  • 202% better business performance than peers when companies have engaged employees.


At USERday 2019 ‘The Intelligent Enterprise’, we show a visionary picture of the future, in a world where bots can make decisions based on their experience, where trusted processes are questioned and where we use very different KPIs. We also demonstrate this intelligent business with numerous real cases.

Smart ways to a bright future

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Our venue on March 19th

Salons Waerboom

Jozef Mertensstraat 140

B-1702 Groot-Bijgaarden


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