TECHday 2019


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Registration and mini breakfast

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By Joris Cuypers
09:10 - 10:25


By Tom Raftery
10:25 - 10:45

Coffee break

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Presentation 1

  1. Identifying key vulnerabilities in SAP application security By ABEX Being able to quickly detect a data or systems breach is paramount to mitigating a potentially critical cyber incident. Attend this session to learn how vulnerability monitoring and intrusion detection can add a new dimension to enterprise security.
  2. La Lorraine Bakery Group is increasing the productivity of field technicians with FieldAnywhere By delaware A mobile application to assist field technicians in their daily operations.
  3. Unilin extends SuccessFactors and Learning with a unique “Competency Manager” cockpit powered by SCP By Flexso To have a better user experience and unified solution for all managers at Unilin, Flexso extends standard SuccessFactors and Learning cloud solutions with a unique application that manages the competences and trainings of Unilin employees. Discover how you can extend your SAP cloud applications with unique use-cases using SAP Cloud Platform and Fiori.
  4. Virtual Reality Learning Experience in the Shipping industry (Hogere Zeevaartschool Antwerpen) By delaware The VR Learning Experience enables students to virtually walk around in a lifeboat. In this way they can get familiar with the environment and the procedures they need to follow. Training procedures will be embedded in a Learning Management System.
11:40 - 12:35

Presentation 2

  1. Ontex is potecting your babies bottom with smart and lean quality inspection By delaware When it comes to protecting your babies bottom, no risks can be taken. Ontex produces a variety of hygienic products that require intensive quality inspection to ensure the highest quality to its customers. Discover how Ontex is achieving this with a minimum effort from their shop floor and laboratory employees.
  2. Parking Brussels deploys a smart Fiori cockpit for their Customer Interaction Center By Flexso Parking Brussels implemented the SAP FI-CA module in order to manage the lifecycle of all the parking fees they are issuing in Brussels. In order to support the daily management of these, they decided to develop a dedicated Customer Interaction Center cockpit using the SAP UI5/Fiori technology.
  3. Metallo, the Furnace of Innovation - how SAP Cloud Platform enables the future of Metallo’s digital business processes By Flexso Metallo fully embraces Bimodal IT to enable their digital & industry 4.0 future. In order to extend and innovate their business process flows, Metallo chose SAP Cloud Platform as their innovation platform of the future. In this session, we’ll zoom into the why, what & how!
  4. The next level of interaction with applications – The intelligent enterprise robots By SAP In this session, I will introduce how SAP Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is playing a significant role in intelligent enterprise. What RPA can do to improve operational efficiencies and enhance the user experience by allowing users to focus on important tasks rather than those repetitive tasks.
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Hackathon 2019

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SAP 1000 jobs testimonials

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Presentation 3

  1. Discover how our customers keep the core clean By delaware Is technology evolving faster then you can keep up? Are you struggling building differentiating solutions on top of your existing landscape without slowing down other projects? Discover how other customers tackle this on top of S/4 HANA and before migrating to S/4.
  2. Crelem implements mobile warehouse management apps to ease and optimize warehouse processes By Flexso Crelem Bakeries has optimized their warehouse processes by the use of several Fiori apps that provide a better user experience, higher adoption by interim workforces and results in a correct stock overview and better warehouse workflows. The apps are deployed on mobile scanning devices and are smoothly integrated with their SAP ERP environment.
  3. Take a dive into SAP Analytics Cloud, your smart analytics and planning platform By Flexso SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) accelerates the evolution of intelligent processes across business lines by bringing together planning and analysis under a single intuitive platform. Discover the possibilities of SAC and the native integration between the system of record and your intelligent analytics & planning platform, giving a boost to your digitalization journey.
  4. SAP Data Intelligence: Deliver data intelligence with enterprise AI and intelligent information management By SAP SAP Data Intelligence, superseding SAP Data Hub, is a comprehensive solution to deliver data-driven innovation and intelligence across the enterprise, unifying scalable enterprise AI and intelligent information management. SAP will show you how you can connect to your siloed data assets and transform them into critical business insights with capabilities such as machine learning as service and de-facto open standard data scientist tools offered on top of data governance, data pipelines and data orchestration services that were already provided by SAP Data Hub. The session will cover also different use cases that you can tackle with SAP Data Intelligence.
16:00 - 16:20

Coffee break

16:20 - 17:15

Presentation 4

  1. Elia shares lessons learned about their successful S/4HANA migration By oXya Joris Cuypers, SAP manager of the Elia Group, explains from the business case to the realisation of the conversion, the steps towards a successful migration to S/4HANA.
  2. Discover the value of Mendix: an evaluation based on real customer cases and some live demos! By Flexso Flexso has evaluated the Mendix low code platform as an extension platform for SAP solutions and will share its lessons-learned in building low-code applications. How fast is it really? How does it enable business/IT collaboration? Which skills do you require? Discover all of this and much more in this hands-on presentation!
  3. SAP HANA on premise or in the cloud? By SUSE Where should I run my SAP HANA environment, onsite or should I move to the cloud? With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications you are covered both ways.
  4. Vandemoortele implements an Integration Monitor By delaware How to keep control of all your interfaces in a hybrid world? With dIM we are adding some “smartness” to your business processes monitoring – discover how this is being applied at Vandemoortele.
17:15 - 18:30

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