SAP HANA, from limited use to full use?

SAP HANA celebrates 10 years in 2020. It has been used to “motorize” many SAP applications for many customers, many not having explored yet the wide range possibilities SAP HANA offers.

Whether you are an SAP ERP or SAP Business Suite customer not yet on SAP HANA, or an existing customer using the Runtime version of SAP HANA, or an organization at the crossroad of starting an SAP S/4HANA journey, we invite you to join our webinar.

In this webinar we give you the latest insights and key differentiators between limited use (SAP HANA Runtime Edition) and full use (SAP HANA Enterprise Edition), making you sure about your next strategic investment whilst having all the cards in your hand. Our subject matter expert will give you:

  • comprehensive update and overview of what SAP HANA actually is.
  • An clear understanding of the differences between both licensed editions (Enterprise Edition and Runtime Edition).
  • The benefits and value you can get by utilizing SAP HANA at its full power (access/move your data from SAP or 3rd party applications directly from the database, use external and internal data sources to fully leverage SAP’s advanced analytics (or 3rd party BI tools) such as predictive, ML, spatial, graphs etc; without the need to go via the applications, no recurring database costs when purchasing e.g. future ERP licenses,…).
  • Tips, tricks how to get ready for your SAP S/4HANA journey ahead of 2027.

We will close the session with an interactive Q&A so that you can ask all your outstanding questions.


10:00 - 11:00


By Olivier Demeusy

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Olivier Demeusy
Director Center Of Excellence EMEA North, SAP

Director Center Of Excellence EMEA North, SAP