SAP Learning Hub

Learning without limit with SAP Learning Hub at a reduced price!

SAP Learning Hub, Professional Edition, brings the power of the cloud and the knowledge of subject-matter experts from SAP to you or your employees. With SAP Learning Hub, all the training about SAP that large organizations or individual professionals need is in one place – whenever it is required.


SAP Learning Hub provides:

  • Educational Content
    Unlimited access to all of the learning content from SAP, including role-based learning and certification paths and the option to upload company-specific content. Available in multiple formats and languages.
  • SAP Learning Rooms
    Structured collaboration and social learning led by experts from SAP. Access to online learning rooms, which provide expert-led, social learning and peer collaboration opportunities.

For access to SAP Learning Hub, you need a user license. Access is valid for 12 months.


What do I get?

  • Unlimited access to the SAP Learning Hub from August this year, to September next year (SAP Live Access excluded)
  • SAP Learning Hub partnership with
    Access to 500 e-books covering a large variety of soft skills topics such as time management, leadership, meeting management, and many more …

Learning Hub licences at a reduced price are only for members.


Curious about the benefits?


When can I register?

The discount offered is only offered through User Groups partnering with SAP. is committed to pre-purchasing subscriptions, so that our paid-up members receive a substantial Learning Hub discount per subscription and licenses, valid from 01 September 2019 to 31 August 2020.

Registrations for the SAP Learning Hub deal will start next year. More information will follow soon.
For further information on renewal or purchasing a subscription, please contact Charlotte D’heer or Tracey Greig.


General terms and conditions for SAP Cloud Services apply.