SAP Learning Hub 2023

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Embrace the full capacities of SAP with learning hub

SAP can be a wonderful asset for your organisation, if you know how to use it. SAPience likes to give you
the opportunity to hone your SAP-skills with SAP Learning Hub.


With SAP Learning Hub professional edition, you have unlimited access to online, collaborative, hands-on and
expert-led training. Learning Hub offers a unique opportunity to develop & enhance your SAP Software

Learning Journeys on SAP Learning Hub include:

  • Industry Cloud
  • Intelligent Enterprise
  • Customer Experience
  • Small and Midsize Businesses
  • Network and Spend Management
  • ERP and Digital Core


How (much)?*

Paid Up SAPience Members enjoy a +60% discount when buying a SAP Learning Hub-Subscription. That
means you can get access to SAP Learning Hub from 01/06/2023 up until 31/05/2024 for only € 1.050
instead of the usual €2760
. Registrations are possible from 27/02/2023 up until 27/04/2023
SAPience need to receive a PO and the payment before 27/04/2023


  • Only available for paid memberships. If no membership yet, the membership fee of 1000€ will be invoiced on top of the amount for the subscriptions!
  • if the total number of purchased subscriptions, over all the members, lies between 200 and 300 subscriptions the price is 1050€ each, this amount has to be on your PO and will be invoiced
  • if the total number of purchased subscriptions, over all the members, is 300 or more subscriptions , a rebate of € 210 to the price of € 1050 will be applied which results in a the price of  € 840, and will be regulated with a credit note
  • if the total number of purchased subscriptions, over all the members, is below 200 subscriptions , the purchase will not proceeded and will be regulated with a credit note

SAP learning Hub is an online learning tool. That means that you can consult the Hub anywhere, at any given
time. Whether you’re working from home or the office, Learning Hub is always there for you to consult.


Designed for consultants, administrators, developers and those involved in SAP software implementation or
deployment in your organisation, the professional edition of SAP Learning Hub is a great tool to build
solution proficiency in multiple product areas.

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Reduce your time looking for answers and understand through real Customer success stories how to implement
SAP, enjoying your journey and the full customer experience!

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