Focus Groups

Connect with SAP users that have a shared interest

A Focus Group covers the needs and challenges of SAP users within an industry or business department. Each Focus Group has one or more Chairmen, who ensure the neutrality and the dynamics of the Group. They also organize Master Classes within their Group at a regular pace.

Eight permanent Focus Groups

Most Focus Groups are permanent, others may last for only several months. They often handle about central business processes, mainly operational processes (Solution Development, Order Generation, …) and support processes (HR, Finance, …).

Ad hoc Focus Groups for instantaneous challenges

Temporary Focus Groups can be established if we notice a demand from the community. The flagship events (USERday and TECHday) are important channels to keep in touch with our members and their challenges.

SAPience Customer Engagement & Commerce Commission

The CEC Focus Group appeals to a broad audience interested in CRM & Mobility topics. It is a discussion platform that can help companies better manage their customers’ experience and loyalty. Topics range from CRM Sales to Service, Marketing, Interaction Center, Mobility and Social CRM.

Focus Group Customer Engagement & Commerce
Chairman: Gert De Pauw
Chairman: Joris Cuypers
Chairman: Bart Claeys

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SAPience Data & Analytics Commission

The D&A Focus Group targets both Business and IT users who are involved in installing, using or evolving SAP/SAP BO BI solutions. Users will be able to follow the products’ evolutions, discover new functionalities and understand their limitations and benefits.

Other meetings will cover topics such as:
  • Management security and authorizations.
  • Preparation and Customization of Data.
  • Analytics.
  • Reporting and analysis.
  • Diffusion of information.
  • Implementations and Upgrades.
  • Performance.

Focus Group Data & Analytics
Chairman: Bram Inghelbrecht
Co-Chairman: Rob Roemers

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SAPience DIG Commission

Every company is involved in some kind of digital transformation. And sooner or later you will encounter obstacles and challenges. In this Focus Group for Digital Transformation (DIG), we want to discuss these challenges and offer solutions. This focus group is intended for all types of professionals who deal with the digital transformation, from CIOs and CDOs to software developers and programmers.

Focus Group for Digital Transformation
Chairman: Jan Bultinck
Interim Chairman: Frank Haes

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SAPience FIN Commission

The Finance Focus Group caters to the needs of financial specialists, IT SAP finance analysts or managers and SAP finance key users. Members meet to discuss Belgium-specific issues in the financial area, to find practical solutions for SAP-users related to e.g. Legal consolidation, Treasury, Investor Relations and Accounts payable.

Focus Group Finance
Chairman: Laurent Deside
Chairman: Steve Willems
Co-Chairman: Gert De Pauw
Co-Chairman: Eric Commers
Co-Chairwoman: Nancy De Smet

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SAPience HR Commission

The HR Focus Group is the meeting platform for anyone dealing with HR, from HR managers to payroll administrators. During Master Classes we share information concerning SAP HCM, customer cases, global implementation, talent management, performance management, compensation, payroll etc.

Focus Group Human Resources
Chairman: Eric Commers
Chairman: Alain Labouviere

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SAPience MSM Commission

The MSM Focus Group attracts Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Engineering Managers, Production Managers, Budget Controllers and Business Development Managers. Topics include maintenance services and manufacturing in relation to SAP solutions to get maximum value out of this solutions.

Focus Group Maintenance Services & Manufacturing
Chairwoman: Anick Rombaut

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SAPience PPM Commission

In the Focus Group Project & Portfolio Management we discuss the possibilities and challenges to centrally manage the full project lifecycle, from forecasting and planning to tracking and accounting. The topics and presentations help users invest the right resources in the right projects – and align strategy with business objectives.

We are still looking after a suited Chairman/woman to lead this Focus Group. If you are interested please send an e-mail to

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SAPience Procurement Commission

The PROC Focus Group is of interest both for people from the Purchasing department – process managers, buyers and purchasing managers – and for IT project managers. Our objective is to share knowledge, experiences and ideas to help achieve efficient implementations from both an IT and business perspective.

Focus Group Sourcing & Procurement
Chairwoman: Nancy De Smet

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SAPience PSM Commission

The PSM Focus Group brings together SAP users active in the public sector, to exchange case studies, knowledge and experiences to optimize their citizen-centric approach. Themes vary from operational excellence, resilience and security, citizen needs, economic matters etc.

Focus Group Public Services Management

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SAPience SAP Licensing and support Commission

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SAPience Security and Access Management Commission

The Focus Group Governance Risk & Compliance is given a new name. We noticed that quite a few users did not know exactly what kind of topics are discussed in this Focus Group. From now on, the Focus Group is called 'Security and Access Management'. In the Netherlands they have a similar name, and as a result, attendance at Master Classes is often higher than with us.

The Security and Access Management Focus Group is an advisory platform aiming to assist companies on Security and Access Management topics through the exchange of experiences, successful strategies and implementations. We also combine efforts towards SAP when requesting solutions for Security and Access Management system issues and functionality improvements.

Focus Group Security and Access Management
Chairman: Gert De Pauw

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SAPience TECH Commission

The TECH Focus Group allows users to exchange SAP Technology knowledge and content and gives them insight on how to tackle testing and quality assurance challenges. We regularly organize Master Classes, as well as the yearly TECHday, a must for everyone interested in SAP technology.

Focus Group Technology
Chairman: Joris Cuypers
Co-Chairman: Eric Commers

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